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Learning Methods

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What type of algorithm does Memory use?

Memory uses a proprietary Spaced Repetition algorithm behind the scenes to calculate when you should review each question. It d...
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When I practice my course, it is not showing me all the questions. How do I practice all the other words in my course?

Practice mode is designed for users to practice questions they are already learned. This allows you to learn and practice the q...
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How are the multiple choice options generated?

Multiple-choice options are generated using our AI technology using a combination of answers in the current course and the cours...
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Can I adjust the order of the questions? Can I move questions between levels?

In user settings, you can specify to learn the initial questions (those not yet learned) in either the default order of the cour...
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How do I use the spaced repetition system?

Use practice mode in any course. This mode serves you 'due' questions. These are questions which you have got correct at least...
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What does 'due for practice' mean?

Practice intervals are calculated in accordance with our algorithm. Research shows that once an item is learnt 5 times, it is g...
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What does seen, learned, skilled and memorised (etc.) mean?

These are terms to assess how our system measures your current knowledge with any particular question. The more frequently you ...
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The system is serving me too many questions at once. What can I do?

If you are finding that during learn mode the system is serving you too many questions for your current knowledge, we recommend ...
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How will I know when I am ready for my exam?

When questions reach Memorised status, you have got them correct consecutively 5 times, and they are not due for practice. Base...
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Is these / exam mode a reliable indicator of whether or not I will pass my exam?

We cannot offer guarantees that the results in exam mode are similar to any curriculum. Exams on Memory are dynamically generat...
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