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Notification Settings

Primary Options
Notification language
If you're learning a new language, why not set your notifications to the language your learning for extra practice?
Enable in-browser notifications
Show / hide 'push' alerts in the browser

Email & Push Notifications
Due question count PUSH notification (Desktop or Android)
Receive a push notification to your desktop or mobile phone when number of questions is at or above a chosen number

Streak reminder EMAIL notification
Receive email if you are late for practice - This is a general option to notify you haven't yet played on a given day and your streak is going to reset

Weekly progress EMAIL
Get a weekly progress update by email - a weekly graph of usage to keep you up to date with your learning progress

Social & Privacy
Show online status to other users
Show or hide when you were last online
Allow others to follow and message
Users can only message you when you are following each other

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