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Complete a session at least once every 24 hours to maintain your streak.

Daily streaks are counted by the number of consecutive 24 hour periods in which you have played, in your selected time zone.

If you go a full period of 24 hours without learning, your streak will be reset to 0.

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Your time zone: Europe/London Edit

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(Questions due for practice)

This is the number of questions our system believes you are due for revision.

Each time you answer a question the 'due' date for it is updated. This is calculated depending on factors such as your accuracy, whether you hesitated, and how quickly you answered it.

This aims to be the ideal time for you to practice this particular question again.

You should aim to keep this counter towards 0 as best as possible to ensure memory retention.

You can hide unused courses from this count by clicking the Remove button in the "Due Courses" section.

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Daily Targets

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