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What is the purpose of folders and bookmarks? How do folders work?

Folders offer you the ability to group and add bookmarks to courses you use regularly. You can also share folders with other users to offer them easy access to your group of courses. As well as creating your own folders, you can also bookmark the folders of other users. Please note the following: You can only add courses to folders if either 1) you own them and/or 2) they are set to public. Any courses you add to folders will be listed publicly. Courses set to "only me" will not be accessible by other users. Passworded courses will be listed, but the user will require a password. Unlisted courses will appear on the folder screen. You can safely add passworded courses to your public folders. Users will be able to view them in the folder listing, but will not have course access unless they know your password. If you add unlisted courses to your folders, they will be viewable/findable by other users. We will still attempt to block robots such as Google and Bing from indexing these courses. If you do not wish your unlisted courses to ever be found, it is recommended not to add them to folders.

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