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What is Memory and how does it benefit me?

Memory is a free self-service set of online studying tools designed for professional, student or casual usage. You can get started by using the courses of other users for quick practice, and you can also build your own sets with your learning material and use our Spaced Repetition system to learn it quickly as possible - this type of learning is often called flashcards, but Memory offers many new advanced modes options. Typical usage of Memory is to create a course/study set (for yourself, your class or your business) based on the material you need to learn, then proceed to answering the questions. From there, it is a matter of returning to the site on a regular basis to practice the questions. If you have reached 100% completion in a course, you should then move to exclusively use the 'practice' or 'test' option mostly to maintain what you have learned. Public course creation allows you to share your material with others and compete. This is optional. At a glance, Memory may seem gamified or like other existing sites, but it does not compete with them. It is a serious learning tool designed for quick, online, shareable easy access to professional-grade spaced-repetition learning tools without having to install applications such as Anki, with the added benefit of superior calculations through dynamically measuring performance - as opposed to entering your own ability, like in other apps. For e.g. In Anki, it asks you to state Easy, Hard, etc. Instead, Memory challenges this concept by automatically identifying your ability with each question based on numerous factors, such as your past experience, your typing speed (vs your historical average), your hesitation time, the number of times you hit backspace -- to mention a few. We also have systems in place to calculate when your network is slow so we don't penalise you inappropriately. Memory intelligently decides your performance.

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