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Supported Browsers and Mobiles: Chrome, Firefox, Android, Safari, Apple, iPhone Support Information

We aim to support all browsers, however, we recommend using Google Chrome to use Memory. - Google Chrome is supported - Microsoft Edge is supported - Firefox is supported - Safari has limited support: Certain features such as audio and speaking may not be fully supported when using Safari, especially on iPhone (e.g. autoplay may not work on iPhone devices) - Opera may or may not work, but we do not test it or support it. - Internet Explorer is not supported - please upgrade to Edge. It is important to use an updated version of your browser. If you are experiencing issues with the site, please try updating your browser. We aim to support the most recent 3 versions of browsers. Older versions may have issues with certain functions or pages - e.g. page layouts, audio or speaking modes. To be sure of a problem-free experience, please consider using Google Chrome for using Memory.

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