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My content, images or other copyright is being used on this site. How do I file a complaint or DMCA request?

As per our terms and conditions, we require users to only set their courses to public visibility if they either own the copyright, or it is their own work. If you have found public content for which you own the copyright and believe there is an infringement, please follow the following steps: 1) Visit the course dashboard (Find the course in the Courses page, and click View) 2) In the top right, click the Report course button 3) Complete the short form explaining the situation We will either remove the course or set it to private visibility so it can no longer be accessed from the internet. Alternatively, you can send a DMCA request to Please allow up to 14 days for your request to be processed and for the content to be removed. If it has been previously indexed by Google, this may take longer, but we will initiate a content removal request directly to Google to expedite this.

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