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I keep getting the same question in a row

Repeated questions occur approximately 1.5% of questions across all users. We have identified a few reasons for why you can get the same question in a row. This can happen under the following circumstances: - You have selected a specific question. - In the URL, at the end you may have something like : "?q=23434234" at the end. This means you are targetting a specific question only. You may have clicked on a question from somewhere to target only that question only. Solution: Exit the level and restart - You are in practice mode, and answer all learned questions rapidly in one session. Solution: Learn more questions - You have adjusted your algorithm settings to a shorter practice period. - This will result in answered questions being "Due" a long time in the future Solution: Use the "Days Next Due Cap" option in user settings - You have accidentally selected a small batch of questions Solution: In the level selector, ensure you do not have questions ticked - Something else: Try: Click the spanner icon whilst learning on the right hand side. Near "This Question", a tiny spanner is visible in the bottom right. This will open a box called "Under the hood". From here, you will be able to see if there is a problem, if a question is stuck, or something else - but will help you understand the way cards are shuffled. NOTE: Under the Hood can only be viewed by the course owner. - If all else fails, and things don't seem right: Consider: Reset course progress in user settings. You should not have to do this, but if settings have been adjusted whilst learning sometimes things can get out of shape. You can try resetting as a last resort.

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