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How / why is Memory free?

Memory is developed in the spirit of free education and professional learning. Whilst it has significant running costs, there are no ads or subscription payments. There are lots of free "memory" type apps out there. We aim to provide the best spaced memorisation software. At one point, we were often are asked why and how this is free. The candid answer is that Memory's founder has already made enough money from previous ventures. But, e-learning software is almost commoditized - Education is typically offered for free in Western countries - we have no desire to capitalise on that; nor do we pretend to have re-invented the wheel. Instead of a pretence of reinvention - and making bold claims that we guarantee better results - we offer a robust system that stands the test of time. Because, whilst we consider our learning system to be near-optimal, we can't claim to have reinvented the wheel. We do not feel justified in charging for free education. In fact, we believe that we have developed an extremely clever learning method: We offer a modern spaced repetition system with a modern user experience and modern algorithms. We believe that we are the best at what we do, but we also admit that it is difficult to compare our solution versus others over a long period of time. So, That's why we don't have ads or subscriptions: We do not aim for profit, we want to make the best learning system. Our revenue is precisely zero. There are no current plans to charge in the future. If there ever are, you will receive at least 6 months notice (by email), as well as a facility to export all of your courses in full.

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