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How many questions should I try to learn per day for foreign language learning?

This question has multiple answers and is subject to opinion. Here is what we think: When you are initially keen, we find it is common to have an expectancy to learn 50, 100, 200 words or more. We understand the initial "keen" period. And, whilst a noble objective, 100 questions per day is categorically unsustainable. If you use Memory and learn 100+ questions per day, you will find your practice due count nigh impossible to maintain towards zero. Realistically for those who are serious about long term vocabulary retention, 20 words per day is considered to be an 'aggressive' value. Here is a rule of thumb: - 5 new words per day: Casual - 10 new words per day: Interested - 20 new words per day: Highly interested with a realistic long term objective - 50 new words per day: Last minute 'cramming' for an exam - 100 new words per day: As above, it may work - it probably won't This could be expanded into a larger post, but we want to be concise in opinion so as not to dilute the point. 20 words per day is significant and should not be snubbed as a target. At Memory, we do not enforce specific question learning counts. Instead, we provide you the options. We just encourage you to be realistic with your language learning objectives.

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