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How can I help Memory?

The best way to help Memory is to share it. If you find it useful, please share your experience with others, or by linking to your course from your homepage, school page or blog. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or write a review about Memory on your blog, or link to your course from other sites. Memory is a non-commercial product, but we still need to keep it popular to maintain the interest of our development team. If you enjoy using Memory, please spread the word. We grow mostly from word of mouth or personal recommendations. We appreciate everyone who is loyal enough to recommend Memory to their friends or associates. Again, you can really help Memory by linking to our website socially, from your blog, or from your Google Classroom. So, if Memory takes no profit, why does having more users benefit it? It is run in the sense of being a good cause - it is not-for-profit. It is a complex application, and our developers spend a lot of their time improving it - help make Memory popular to ensure our continued interest and also to help guide our priorities. A larger user base improves our ability to identify the most needed features and new ways to improve our learning algorithms. The desire is to provide a free learning platform that is both popular and beneficial to a large number of users. We consider a user of Memory to be for serious long term users with specific goals, similar to an Anki user, but who is looking for certain features and a web-based and easily accessible experience. Whilst we absorb all costs, we do not want to add subscription fees or adverts -- if we ever need to do this, we won't charge or serve ads to any existing users.

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