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How do I add audio to my questions? Can I add custom audio?

For most languages, all questions and answers are automatically read aloud by our default speakers (unless you disable audio). You can use the Audio button on question cards to record/upload your own audio for individual questions and answers and override the default audio. For automatic audio to work, you do not need to click or enable anything. Next to each question, there is an audio icon. The audio icon is only to be used if you wish to provide your own custom audio. Custom audio can be of any type - including music. We reserve the right to remove any offensive content. Audio is automatically available for all courses and questions (not all languages are available for audio). During learning mode, you will hear your questions and answers spoken aloud. You can click 'audio settings' at any time to change the speaking voice or to enable or disable autoplay, or decide at what time you want audio to be spoken, and also choose a speaker. Note that autoplay does not work with all browsers (e.g. iPhone or iPad Safari) - in this case, you should click the audio icon to play sound.

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