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Can I monetise / earn money from the course I have created? Can I sell my course?

We offer no direct facility for you to earn real money through either ad sharing or other means. This does not stop you from monetising your course through your own means. Please bear in mind our terms and conditions: If you are selling / advertising content to others externally, you also own the responsibility of potential copyright infringement. You can advertise/sell/rent courses (passworded, unlisted or otherwise) - with no obligation to inform us whatsoever. But, if it becomes subject to a copyright infringement complaint, we reserve the right to set your course to private only. If you are posting copyrighted material or using copyrighted images, e.g. posting past exam papers - we recommend you read our T&C prior to doing so. You may use copyrighted material or past exam paper in private courses - please do not set the course to public visibility if you are doing so.

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