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level: Composing

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Composing

pentatonic scalea scale containing five notes
simple timethe beat subdivides into groups of three (the word "coffee" fits)
what is this feature of musicanacrusis the note(s) before the first strong beat of a phrase
describe this form of musicternary form a three part form: an A section followed by a B section, which is a different melody, than return to the A section. Same as ABA form.
name this feature of musicimperfect cadence the last chord at the end of a phrase is V it sounds unfinished
Name this feature of musicPerfect Cadence Chords V & I at the end of a phrase It sounds finished
Chord progressionA series of chords in a piece of music or song. At N5 Chord progressions will use chords built on the first, fourth, fifth and sixth notes of a major or minor scale. Many popular songs use the I, IV, VI, V chord progression.
name this melodic conceptascending notes which rise in pitch
name this melodic conceptdescending notes which fall in pitch
name this melodic conceptrepetition an exact repeat of a musical idea
name this melodic conceptstep the notes are next to each other
name this melodic conceptleap the notes are not next to each other
name this melodic conceptsequence a melodic phrase which is repeated at a higher or lower pitch
name this rhythmic featurescotch snap a very short accented note before a longer note a feature of strathspeys
name this rhythmic featuredotted rhythm a long note followed by a short one or a short note followed by a long note
name this feature of musiccounter melody a melody played against the main melody
name this feature of musiccoda a passage at the end of a piece which finishes it off