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National 5: Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

Revision cards for the National 5 RMPS Course. Only includes Judaism, Morality & Relationships and the Problem of Suffering and Evil.

In English
National 5: Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies


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What are the two groups of Jews?

Orthodox Reformed

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National 5: Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies - Details



127 questions
What is an orthodox jew?
A jew who is more traditional and literal when interpreting Jewish teachings
What is a reform jew?
A jew who is more modern in their thinking and less observant of traditional interpretations of Jewish teachings
What is an Orthodox Jew?
A jew more traditional when interpreting jewish teachings
What is the meaning of monotheistic?
Believing in only one God
What is a reformed jew
A jew more modern when interpreting jewish teachings
What is a source for monotheism
Deuteronomy 6:4 - "Hear, O Israel! The Lord is Our God, the Lord Alone" Quote from the Shema Prayer
Give examples of an orthodox jewish beliefs/practices
Sticking to strict dietary laws only eating unleavened bread women don't wear trousers would not get in a car on the sabbath
Define ex Nihilo
Out of nothing
Give examples of reformed Jewish beliefs and practices
Kippot is optional women can wear trousers women can become rabbis
What is Divine Command?
Divine command theory defines an action as good or bad depending on whether or not it supports Gods commands
What makes someone jewish?
If you have a jewish mother if you have converted to judaism
What is a source of divine command?
"Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds" Genesis 1:11
Define Imago Dei
In the image of God
Name Jewish principles of faith
God Exists God is one and unique God has no bodily form (incorporeal) God is eternal Jews must worship Him alone God has communicated through the prophets Moses is the greatest of the prophets The Torah is of Divine Origin The Torah is eternally valid, there will be no other God is omniscient God is a judge, punishes evil and rewards good God will send a Messiah God will resurrect the dead—Jews don’t believe Jesus was resurrected
What is a source of imago Dei
"And God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness" Genesis 1:26
What is Yetzer Tov
The Good impulse An inner voice for Jews that remind's them of God's laws when they consider doing something forbidden
What is Yetzer Hara?
Selfish Nature desire to satisfy personal needs without regard for the moral consequences
What is Covenant?
`A commitment of love and creates a relationship that in fundamentally different from that of a contract
Define Messiah
A man who would lead Jewish people back to the land of Israel, and would be a prophet teacher and leader
What is a source for Messiah
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain. Isaiah 9:6-7
IWhat is the Shema?
A prayer Jews recite every morning and evening.
What is the Siddur?
Daily prayer book
Define the term 'evil'
Opposite of good when something bad happens to person or people
Define the term 'suffering'
Result of evil how evil impacts people
What is natural evil
Evil humans have no control over
What is moral evil?
When humans hurt each other intentionally
Give a real life example of moral evil
2017 Manchester Bombing 6 million Jews killed in Nazi Extermination Camps
Give a real life example of natural evil
Michael Buble's son contracted cancer in 2016 Zika virus spread by mosquitos which can affect unborn babies
What is free will?
Ability to make decisions without anyone telling us what to do
What is responsibility?
Being accountable for your actions or taking the blame if you do something wrong
Describe the free will argument
God gave humans freedom to choose good or bad. He doesn't interfere when they choose bad otherwise humans would be God's puppets. The freedom to choose is most important, the fact that evil sometimes comes out of our own choices can't be helped
What is determinism?
Belief that every human decision and action is determined by causes outwith our control. We cannot be held morally responsible for our actions
What is anti-Semitism?
The hatred of Jewish people and the Jewish religion
Describe Genesis 3 - The Fall
Adam and Eve could eat anything in the garden of Eden except fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. They have free will and choose to eat from the tree. They are banished from the garden as punishment.
What does the free will argument explain?
The existence of evil & why God allows evil to happen
What are the two types of determinism?
Theological (religious) and Non-religious
What does non religious determinism argue
That there are higher forces at play controlling what happens. For example, fate, physics, the universe.
What five things do Jews believe their God is?
Omnipotent omniscient omnipresent omnibenevolent a creator
What is mean by omnipresent
Everywhere all the time
What is meant when Jews say their God is a creator?
He is responsible for creating the Universe
How would you answer a 'describe' question?
Describe the meaning of what you have said 'this means...'
How would you answer an explain question?
Explain why something is the way it is 'she is this because...'
Define monotheism
Believing in only one God
What is the siddur
A daily prayer book
What do jews believe about God's nature?
Omniscient omnipotent omnipresent omnibenevolent a creator holy transcendent
What is meant by transcendent
God is not a physical entity he is above and beyond everything that exists and that can be imagined
Why do Jews often write G-D, instead of God?
Defacing/erasing the name of God is forbidden. G-D is written to avoid taking the risk
Define ex nihilo
Out of nothing
What does the name Adam mean?
Comes from the hebrew word 'adamah' meaning earth adam was created from earth
What is the impact of believing in God for Jews?
Jews will interact with their environment differently Jews believe the world is exactly as God wants it Jews believe creation is onging Jews believe everyone is equal in God's eyes, as he is everywhere Jews believe God is invisible but still there Jews are given a reason to follow the Torah Jews will dedicate their life to God as he is their only God
What does 'b'zelem Elohim' mean
In the image of God in Hebrew
What is the importance of being made in the image of God?
It explains human's special place in creation It affects how humans treat one another Means everyone is of equal importance Means humans have a dignity other creations don't
What is Yetzer Tov
Moral conscience inclination to do good
What is Yetzer Hara
Our instinct for survival the inclination to do wrong
How do Jews believe we can strengthen Yetzer Tov?
Constantly living in a moral way learning from the Torah following the mitzvot
What is sin?
When people disobey God's laws and choose to do evil acts
The world was said to be of peace and harmony in the beginning. What changed this?
The Original sin of Adam and Eve brought suffering into the world
What do rabbis believe the consequence of sin is?
Further evil one sin leads to another
What explanation do jews have for the evil prospering at the expense of good people?
The evil are rewarded for what good they have done in this life, so nothing is owed to them in the afterlife the good are punished for what evil they have done in this life, so their reward in the afterlife is untarnished
Describe Job's story
A good man loses his livelihood, family and health. He doesn't understand why but doesn't lose faith. It turns out God was tested him, and God had faith in Job.
Jews believe God is merciful despite the existence of suffering. What is their explanation for this?
We are incapable of understanding the actions of an all powerful God. We need to have faith
Who were the Hebrews?
The first followers of Judaism
How did Moses get his name?
Pharaoh Rameses decided there were too many Hebrew slaves so ordered all Hebrew sons to be killed. Moses' mother was frightened and lied her son in a basket on the river Nile. Pharaoh's daughter found the basket, adopted the baby and named him Moses.
Why did Moses have to flee Egypt?
He saw a slave master beating a slave cruelly, he killed the slave master when trying to stop him. Pharaoh ordered Moses' arrest but Moses escaped before they could arrest him.
Describe the exodus story
On Mount Sinai Moses saw a burning bush that didn't burn up. God's voice came from the bush telling him to return to Egypt and free Hebrews from slavery. Moses did as told and asked Pharaoh to free the slaves to no avail, God sent the ten plagues. After the tenth plague, Pharaoh agreed to let the Hebrews go. However, Pharaoh grew angry when they left and sent soldiers after them. God parted the red sea for the Israelites to escape and it crashed down on the soldiers.
How did Hebrew people avoid the tenth plague?
They slathered lambs blood on their doors so the Angel of Death would pass over their homes.
What was the tenth plague?
Death of firstborn
What did the Israelites take with them when leaving Egypt?
Unleavened bread. There was no time for their bread dough to rise, so it was baked quickly and came out flat.
What is the importance of Moses?
He freed the Jewish people from slavery He received the Torah and Ten commandments from God, so from him Jews know how to live according to God’s will He brought the Jews into the covenant with God He is the only prophet who met God and spoke with him directly. Not through visions and dreams. Moses’ story teaches us to trust God’s will.
What is Pesach?
Passover The most popular Jewish festival
Why is passover celebrated?
To celebrate the exodus story
What is the Haggadah
A book read during the passover meal