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National 5: Chemistry

Revision cards for the full National 5 Chemistry course.

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National 5: Chemistry


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What factors affect the rate of reaction?

concentration, temperature, particle size, catalyst

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384 questions
What factors affect the rate of reaction?
Concentration, temperature, particle size, catalyst
What is a catalyst?
Substance that speeds up chemical reaction but can be recovered chemically unchanged at the end of reaction
What effect does temperature have on rate of reaction?
Higher the temperature, faster the reaction
What effect does concentration have on rate of reaction?
Higher the concentration, faster the reaction
What is concentration
A measure of number of particles of solute
What effect does particle size have on rate of reaction?
Smaller the particle size, faster the reaction
What is the formula for average reaction rate
Average reaction rate = Δquantity/Δtime
Give 3 examples of units of rate
Mol l⁻¹ min⁻¹, cm³ s⁻¹, g hr⁻¹
How do you know which unit of rate to use?
Depends on the unit of quantity and unit of time
What is metallic bonding?
The electrostatic force of attraction between positively charged ions and delocalised electrons Positively charged ions consist of the nucleus and the inner shell of electrons the outer electrons are delocalised
Why are metallic elements conductors of electricity?
They contain delocalised electrons that are free to move across the metal by jumping from outer shell to outer shell
Why are the noble gases not 'Group 8'?
Their lack of reactivity gives them a valency of 0 they are now called group 0
Why are the noble gases monatomic?
They exist as single atoms not bonded to each other they are already stable
What are the similiarities between elements in the same group?
Same number of outer electrons similar chemical properties
What are the middle block elements?
Elements between group 2 & 3
Describe Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment
Rutherford fired beam of positively charged alpha particles at thin gold foil. Most particles passed through foil without being deflected, some were deflected occasionally. This is because the centre of the atom is positively charged + repels positively charged particles, while the rest of an atom is empty space.
What is the name of this diagram?
Rutherford's Atomic Model
Describe Rutherford's atomic model
Shows positively charged nucleus containing protons with negatively charged electrons in orbit outside the nucleus
What is the location of an electron?
In energy levels outside nucleus
Why are atoms neutral?
They contain the same number of positive protons as negative electrons
What is mass number?
Number of protons + number of neutrons
How are electrons arranged?
In energy levels around the nucleus
How do you calculate number of neutrons
Mass number - atomic number
What are isotopes?
Atoms with the same atomic number and a different mass number
What does a sample of an element contain?
A mixture of all the isotopes
What is the relative atomic mass of isotopes?
Average mass of isotopes in a sample of an element
What do scientists use mass spectrometers for?
Finding: number of isotopes present mass of each isotope relative proportion of each isotope as percentage
What do the two peaks in this mass spectrum diagram tell us?
There are two isotopes with mass of 35 & 37
What are energy levels?
Areas of space around the nucleus where electrons with certain energy will be found
Where are electrons with highest energy found
The energy levels furthest from nucleus
What is this diagram called
Energy level diagram
How are electrons placed on energy level diagrams?
Added to north, east, south and west paired when there are more than four
What is an ion?
A charged atom
How are ions formed?
When atoms gain or lose electrons
Why do atoms form ions?
To achieve stable electron arrangement
What is a stable electron arrangement?
A full outer energy level of electrons
What is a compound made up of?
Two or more elements chemically joined
How do non-metal elemetns join together?
By sharing electrons to form covalent bonds