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Gen Bailey

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What is an upper course valley like

steep v shaped and where the source starts

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17 questions
What is an upper course valley like
Steep v shaped and where the source starts
The middle course is
More energy, gentle and lateral sides and wider channel
Lower course
Deep, wide flat and the mouth /low energy for deposition
Features of the upper course
A waterfall( Erosion of the soft rock that leads to step due to the remaining hard rock.The hard rock is eroded causing a drop. The undercut erosion leads to collapsed rock to swirl and form a plunge pool by abrasion. Retreat = gorge) Interlocking spurs -lack of power to erode laterally so it winds around hilss
Features of middle course
Meanders - river flows around a bend, one side is the thalweg creating a cliff, one side creates a beach by deposition Ox-bowlake - the neck of meander being eroded over time isolating a bend forming a lake
Features of a lower course
Flood plain - wide valley floor, the deposition due to the loss of energy in the river leevees- natural embankments of alluvium that build up (good for farming) Estuaries - river mouth creating mudflats that narrow the channel
Effects of flooding
Development reset , buisness closes, anxiety, pollution, repairs = expensive
Hard engineering and soft examples
HE- manmade so dams and reservoirs SE-natural so flood plain zoning and river restoration (logs to slow velocity)
Flooding increases
Geology , precipitation and deforestation
Nigeria is a
Newly Emerging Economy
TNC's in Nigeria advs
Unilever and Shell increase jobs and economy so more reinvestment can be made(disposable income). Helps them extract oil
Disad in Nigeria
Most money goes abroad . Locals poorly paid. ARE EXPOILTED
Quality of live improved by
More education, trade,sanitation, electricity, health
Hot deserts -
Minimal rainfall. Cactus waxy skin for less evaporation, water tap roots to survive . Small animals live in burrows are nocturnal.
Shringes on deserts sped up by overgrazing, salty soil so little growth. Over cultivation (growing of crops ). Risks reduced by water management and soil management ( rotation)
Why did liverpool need regeneration
9% unemployment , homes were derelict, criminal activity, houses sold for £1
What did the anfield project do
£36 m invested, 300 houses refurbished , a health centre and school , high street , buisnesses encouraged to invest. Environmental - stanley park trees and footpaths and £4.5 invested