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MEMORY is FREE - No subscription fees and no data selling.

  1. MEMORY does not operate commercially and does not take profits.
  2. No user data is shared with or sold to other companies. We do not profit from your data, and only collect the minimum information required for you to use the site.
  3. Delete your account and remove everything at any time
  4. Internet privacy, adverts and tracking can be a nightmare. We understand that. We don't do that.

What's the catch?

MEMORY is built by software engineers. Because we don't charge, we don't provide official support. But, we offer a community forum, help documentation. Whilst we try our best to respond to emails, we do not offer guaranteed service level agreements.

The main things we collect

ItemReasonHow to remove
User NameCertain login providers may provide a username which we use by defaultEdit your username in edit profile at any time to be whatever you want
Email addressTo enable login, and notificationsEdit your email address in account, cancel account to remove entirely
PictureTo use as an avatar to identify you, if you login with a social provider such as Facebook or Google, our system may opt to set this picture as default. If it does that automatically, just edit or remove your profile pictureEdit profile to remove or update the image
IP addressSecurity - needed to identify incoming traffic and to protect against bots or malicious attacks. We avoid associating your IP address with your user account wherever possibleDelete your account to remove all history
CookiesUsed to identify your user account with our servers, and to store user settings. Not to serve you ads.Logout - we will attempt to remove cookies on logout
Browser local storageUsed to save options such as in the create-course screenLogout - we attempt to clear local storage on logout
Browser and device typeUsed to determine how to layout the page, and detect if features are available, e.g. speakingDelete your account to remove all history
Location and timezoneYour location (country and timezone) is automatically detected, or you can set it manually. We need to know your timezone for your reports. Your exact location is not detected.Delete your account to remove all history
Date of BirthWe only collect this if you register as a teacher as a precautionary measure to confirm you are of reasonable age to be inviting other users to classroomsDelete your account to remove all history
Time spent learningRequired to analyse your learning performance to determine items such as which questions/levels to suggest nextThis cannot be disabled, unless you delete your account
Questions answeredA log of all questions you have answered is always stored. Required to analyse your learning performanceThis cannot be disabled, unless you delete your account

High Availability

We don't sell your data

But we just need to work with a few 3rd parties to make sure things work OK.

Sentry - We use this for bug tracking. We anonymise any user data such as IP address and email address - we don't send them unneccessary data.

Pingdom - We use this to measure user response time from different countries. No personally identifiable information is sent to this provider.

Google Analytics - We use this to measure site traffic - we send the minimum personal information to record traffic - not your user information.

Email options

Emails can be received to notify you of updates and practice reminders - We usually default new users to have all email options off, but from time to time test it with it enabled. If you do have enabled them, you can disable them at any time by editing your profile or clicking unsubscribe. Your email address does not leave our servers.

You can close your account at any time in the edit profile screen and we will remove all identifiable information.