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Spaced Repetition Algorithm Simulator

Below is an example of how you can configure your spaced repetition algorithm whilst learning courses at Memory. If this seems complex, fear not: the default settings work for great most users.

Select a preset, and / or configure settings manually below:

(Suited towards frequent review of new terms and classroom sessions - more answers are required to reach Memorized status)

(Rapid repetition of questions)
Try this if you're in a hurry and want to keep repeating the same questions more often.

(Suited towards long term learning when you are already familiar with the questions and wish to develop and maintain knowledge of questions over a longer period of time)
*This uses settings in the style of SM-2, but it is not precisely the same.

Practice Frequency Multiplier

Adjust the multiplier for practice intervals.

Less often (x4)
Correct answers may not be seen again for weeks
Very Often (/15)
up to multiple times per day

Practice Interval: Days Next Due Limit

Limit the maximum number of days next due for practice intervals.
Each time a question is answered, it is assigned a 'due for practice' time. You can reduce the number of days if you prefer to practice more often.

Example use case: You may wish to practice all questions in a certain level at least once per day - for this, you can set the value to 1.

Example Use case 2: You are a long term learner and are comfortable with your questions, ones you find easy can be set to 365 so you only see them once per year.

e.g. If you specify 4 days, and the system calculates a question as due in 7 days, it will be set to 4.

If set to 4, if the system calculates a question as due in 2 days, it would still be 2.
The default setting is 180 days

180 days maximum

Advanced Algorithm Tweaks

For advanced users or those who wish to configure a custom algorithm

Practice Intervals - Days Next Due

Correct Once IntervalUse this to adjust the time for practice intervals when correct once.
4 minutes - (Memory Default)
Note: selected values will be adjusted according to the practice frequency multiplier and your answer accuracy
Correct Twice IntervalAdjust the interval for when correct the second time consecutively.
12 hours - (Memory Default)
Note: selected values will be adjusted according to the practice frequency multiplier and answer accuracy. Subsequent practice intervals are calculated as a multiplier of this value. If you want very long term practice intervals, set this higher.
Quick Recovery After Wrong Answers
Medium - Recover progress faster (Memory Default)
After getting a question wrong, the practice interval is reset back to zero for your next answer.
You can adjust how quickly the practice interval "recovers" back to its previous time with this - medium or fast will mean there is less penalty for getting a question incorrect.
In the algorithm simulator, try setting an answer mid-way to incorrect to see the effect of this.
Nearly Due Time Allowance (Minutes)
4 minutes - Increment questions if due within 4 minutes (Memory Default)
Allow practice intervals to be incremented when questions are due within this period.

Question Bury Times & Priority
General Question Bury Time
10 seconds - (Memory Default)
After answering a question, we will bury it for this period of time. Set this to 0 if you wish to see incorrectly answered questions near immediately in the same session
Skip Bury Time
4 minutes - (Memory Default)
Choose how long we should bury questions in the deck if you use the skip button.
New Question Priority
100 seconds - (Memory Default)
New questions will only be served in the current level if all questions are due LESS than the selected value. A value of 0 will always serve new questions if none are due. Selecting 30 minutes will mean new questions are not served until all questions have a due time above 30 minutes.

Algorithm Simulator

Preview your settings

This is to visualise the effect on practice intervals - changing options in the simulator will not affect your settings.

This shows how a given question will become due over a period of time of learning as you answer it

The model assumes you answer every question 30 minutes after it is due.
The model, by default, assumes that for correct answers, answer quality (e.g. typing accuracy) is 90%.
For wrong answers, we assume 40% accuracy. You can adjust this to see how answer accuracy affects your due times.

Click the icons to select a series of answers, either Correct, Wrong, or Skipped

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Incorrect Accuracy %

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